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by jon 10. February 2011 21:51

If you are interested in empowering your students by having them take charge of their careers and lift your placement rate - as well as have them act as ambassadors for your school and generate inquiries, and have these inquiries convert at a higher rate then the School Portfolio Connect(™) self-managed student portfolio engine is the perfect starting point.

Simply import a file of students you wish to invite - within moments they receive an auto-invite email from us introducing the schools involvement with the product as well as their secure user names/passwords. Once they register, they can upload images, reels, bios, resumes, and so much more.

The content is then served into admisisons and career services business models on www.ourstudetnportfolios.com. The admissions model generates inquiries for the school and these are mapped in real time to the schools' e-lead CRM platform. They can market the site from a corporate level across all campuses via their school admisisons site www.ourstudentportfolios.com/ai/admissions - or local level marketing can occur at the campus level www.ourstudentportfolios.com/ai/vancouver.

The career services site www.ourstudentportfolios.com/employers.aspx is marketed to employers who come on to find potential students and grads for their next positions - they register to access their employer tools and ask students questions, set appoinments with career services, post and manage their job postings and so much more. The school level site http://ai.ourstudentportfolios.com allows for corporate level employer marketing across all campuses, and the campus level site http://ai.ourstudentportfolios.com/vancouver allows for local level employer marketing

The School Portfolio Connect(tm) self managed portfolio tool also allows the school to take advantage of our webservice and have all their portfolio content served back in real-time to their main .edu sites.

To learn more about School Portfolio Connect(tm) please visit http://www.schoolportfolioconnect.com/learn-spc.aspx

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