Building Employer Relationships in a Weak Economy

by jon 21. January 2011 01:53

As a career services professional responsible for student placement rates you are at the mercy of the economy. Strong economic times will always make your job easier, but what to do in bad times?


To begin with, just because the economy has slowed doesn’t necessarily mean employers are not hiring. We asked some our clients, who are themselves Directors of Career Services, what they are doing to combat the economic downturn, and the adverse effects it is having on their placement rates.


·         Each program has multiple industry applications – do your research and focus on those industries that promise to be the strongest in the months ahead


·         Purchase business info/data and have it imported into your CRM program for those promising industries


·         When purchasing business information not all is created equal. Use a reputable provider such as InfoUSA, Harris Info, Dunn & Bradstreet, etc for up to date, searchable, and opt-in compiled business information.   


·         When purchasing business information ensure you do so via an electronic format you can import into your CRM program and save time/money.


·         Most providers have CDs available you can purchase, which allow you to search on your specific industries of interest then export only the data you require directly into your CRM program. This option is usually more expensive

          then requesting a single file from a vendor but will allow you to search/export as many segments as you require in the future.


·         Leading industry specific business publications and their sites have circulation, and email newsletter lists available for rent on a one-time basis. Inquire about stand-alone email opportunities whereby you supply email creative to

          them and they broadcast to their email list on your behalf.


·         Local, State, and National industry associations will have opportunities available to promote your event details to their membership. Ask about how you can help them as well i.e. event sponsorships, developing a speaker series on

          recruitment strategies, etc.


·         Attend industry specific trade shows in your area as both an exhibitor and speaker.


·         Develop employer events that not only showcase your students and their work, but also allow the employers to network amongst themselves – hold your next employer event in tandem with an association event or invite a local

          association to hold their next meeting at your school and combine an employer event with this.


·         Engage a top email marketing/list management firm to do all of your event marketing via email to save time/money. Your provider should be able to provide all of your database and data mirroring/list management/segmentation/list

          rental/online registration/opt-in and opt-out processes/creative development and optimization/tracking and analysis. This will allow you to focus on event development.  StudentROI’s data and email marketing arm does

          just this for many of our educational clients. Services available include a full outsourced solution or consultancy for those interested in developing their email marketing platform in-house.


·         Gather feedback from your current employers on their part-time, seasonal, contract, freelance, volunteer, co-op plans and opportunities – and educate them on the availability of your students in these areas.


·         Concentrate on developing your part-time work contacts and distribute their opportunities to your students so they can get their foot in the door while still at school.


·         Empower your students by giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and market themselves via an online portfolio. School Portfolio Connect(tm) for example is an application studentROI developed for their clients, which

          allows students to upload images, reels, resumes, bios and so much more – then makes these portfolios searchable across multiple criteria set out by the school. Portfolios are then served into career services sites developed for

          the schools – as well as the opportunity to serve them directly into your own school sites.


·         Ensure your career services site/s is well optimized for the search engines so employers can find you when they are looking to fill a position.


·         Allow employers to post and manage their job postings online to individuals, programs or your entire school – a feature included in our School Portfolio Connect(tm) career services tool


To discuss how studentROI can help you promote your students to employers looking to hire them via a single or multi channel approach please contact us today.


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