Deciding on an online portfolio solution for your school

by jon 21. January 2011 01:48

Having worked with school presidents, directors of admissions, and directors of career services to develop our own School Portfolio Connect(tm) self-managed student portfolio tool we know that for every school objective there is a solution.

To decide on the self-managed student portfolio tool that is right for your school needs you first need to understand there are 3 separate models on the market:

1.  Self-managed online portfolios used for assessment. Students sign-in to upload their work on an internal school server. Faculty then sign-in to grade the work, thereby allowing for better management, tracking, and less paperwork.

If you plan on using your student portfolio tool for internal assessment only this is the solution for you.

We like the solution as an assessment tool.

2.   Self-managed online portfolios used by students as a repository of their work.


If you want to offer your students a basic solution to allow them to gather their work in an online format to include on their resume URL this solution is right for you.


Unless you endeavour to build a custom application yourself, your portfolios will not be served on any site other than the site you engage.


We like the solution as a basic third party portfolio tool


3.   Self-managed online portfolios used by schools, which allow students to build their online portfolios. Once approved by an administrator they are searchable by multiple custom criteria and served into your choice of site models designed to meet your school’s business objectives: 

custom school and campus admissions site models that generate leads and lift conversion 
custom school and campus career services site models for employers to help lift your student placement rate or 
erve the search component and portfolios directly into your school site to generate site content.


If you like to have a level of control for your portfolios this solution is for you – it allows for your choice of administrative management you wish to undertake. Approval prior to pushing the portfolios live can be turned on/off as can multiple other management features designed around a school's needs in mind – be as involved as you like, or completely hands-free.


Your portfolios are served into sites that are targeted to either prospective students or employers and can be turned on/off at any time depending on your needs. The ability to also serve the search component and portfolios into your own school site seamlessly is also a nice feature to help generate content.fforts as landing pages. They also come complete with online registration mapped to your school’s inquiry or CRM platforms.


The sites have the advantage of an educational portal approach thereby attracting visitors that might not find you otherwise, combined with custom school and campus level functionality built in to sites 100% your own so can be used for your school marketing e


We like the School Portfolio Connect(tm) solution not just because we built it, but because it really is the only solution on the market that does what it does.– Part 2


To discuss how studentROI can help you discover the online student portfolio platform that is right for you please contact us today.


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