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Being responsible for your schools’ student placement rate can be challenging at the best of times. Students look to you to not only promote them to strong organizations, but companies with positions which match the skills your students have completed their studies in. Your schools then look to your placement rate as a marketing tool to attract new students.


Finally a career services site that was built using the input of over 50 senior level career services professionals - OurStudentPortfolios.com is a multi-dimensional site, which includes both a career services model and an admissions model. Both act to market your self-managed student portfolios to their departments target audiences. And both come with their own School Portfolio Connect™ tool access behind the scenes that acts as the backend.


When a student signs in to the career services tool they can self-manage their portfolios including images, reels, bios and so much more. Administrators can manage the entire process including the ability to: import/close-out students; approve portfolios prior to going live; edit/make inactive or active/delete portfolios; view status; export files and reports and so much more. There is a very deep level of management available in this tool for those who require it - as well as the ability to turn off all of these management features and still have the tool run on auto-pilot requiring no administration at all.


Once a student portfolio is approved to go live, or auto-approved, it posts to the schools’ school and campus career services sites – and can also post to the admissions site if you choose to activate the admissions model. Your portfolios and the search can also be posted directly and in real-time into your own schools’ website .


Each school receives a school level site, which has all of their portfolios served to it - and allows for search by location and area of study, and an advanced search. Schools with more than one campus also receive campus level sites for each campus, which serve only portfolios belonging to the campus – each allows for search by area of study, and an advanced search.


The campus level sites also allow employers to register to sign-in to their Employer Tools and allow them to ask the portfolio owners questions, post and manage their job postings to individuals, programs, or entire campus, as well as set appointments with career services representatives at the school to gather feedback, view student resumes, post favourites to My Picks, as well as be the first to RSVP for upcoming employer events put on by the school. This is a great way to build your employer prospect file.


 As a career services administrator you can also use your campus level site to promote employer events via email invitations, collect online registration, and export them. This is a great marketing feature when promoting employer events.


The site is marketed online as part of the studentROI.com network of sites. New schools that are interested in a career/student services site can be added within a week. Administrative and student access to the School Portfolio Connect™ - Career Services Portfolio Connect tool is supplied same day.


To discuss the benefits of adding your school to www.ourstudentportfolios.com/employers.aspx or any other studentROI.com network site, please contact us today.


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