How Student Online Portfolios Create Ambassadors for Your School.

by jon 21. January 2011 01:49

Out of all the students who pass through your school doors how many actually help your school get noticed by prospective students? How many promote your school to employers looking to hire grads?


Most schools have no idea – but all would agree they would like their students and grads to do more of both.


Today, the online world offers your students a plethora of social networking applications and sites to offer their opinions and promote their work. Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Technorati to name a few,  all offer the ability for your students to get their opinions out to those searching on this specific information. Facebook, Myspace, IM’s, tweets, blogs, etc all allow your students to let their friends and colleagues know what they are doing at any given second.


Not too long ago, kids talked on cell phones, now they simply text.


There has never been a better time to empower your students to promote their work and your school online. They enjoy doing it, and you have instant buy-in.


To start you will need to give them access to a self-managed student portfolio tool such as School Portfolio Connect(tm).  The tool allows your students to self-manage their online portfolios and upload their projects, images, reels, bios, resumes, and so much more. Once they have, you the administrator have the ability to turn on/off an array of management tools, which allow you to be hands on, or hands off entirely.


The portfolios are then served into admissions and/or employer models on – which allow the portfolios to go to work for your school instantly. The portfolios can also be served in real-time into your school site.


Each student portfolio has its own unique URL key so they can post it on their resume, blogs, social network sites, etc and thus open the doors to those interested in viewing their work and your school.


Empowering your students with an online portfolio tool allows them to work as ambassadors promoting your school in the following ways:


·         When your students include their portfolio URL to show examples of their work to their friends via their social network sites they drive this traffic into your school site to not only view their work, but to possibly continue on to view your

          programs and request information from the school.


·         When visitors view your student portfolios they come away with the strong impression that your school goes above and beyond to deliver cutting edge tools to their students and is genuinely interested in teaching them how to market

          their skills in today’s economy – they also understand you stand behind the work coming out of your programs and have nothing to hide.


·         The more student portfolios you have online, the more content you have out on the internet – content is king. A strong SEO strategy for your student portfolios will position the content as unique and make it easily found when

          searching on schools in your area offering your programs and areas of study.


·         Your student portfolios are edited by school administrators during the approval process if you choose to turn this feature on. The more positive online opinion and feedback you have on your school the less opportunity a negative

          opinion by a student who was dissatisfied will resonate on the search engines.


·         When your students post their portfolio URL on sites other than your own, you are link building back to your site which is a strong SEO tactic and will increase your search engine ranking and site traffic.


·         The simple effort by a student to create their online portfolio gives the automatic impression to those viewing it they are proud of their work and their school.


·         When posting their portfolio URL to job boards and on their resume they attract employers to your site to view not only their work but others as well.


To discuss how studentROI can help your school benefit from online student portfolios using our School Portfolio Connect(tm) platform please contact us today.

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